One of our works is a touch-sensitive interactive table with Multi-Touch control technology. This table is composed of casing with technical equipment and glass screen performing display and controller functions: each touch of the screen directly controls the integrated software. Multi-Touch technology enables detecting and responding to each and every touch, therefore, this table can be use simultaneously by several people. The table itself is versatile: to work in any area, the hardware only requires to install specific content computer games or applications, based on Multi-Touch technology.

Common ways to use Multi-Touch table: Multi-Touch table with educational software (e. g., for schools), Multi-Touch table with digital art exhibition (for galleries and museums).

Latest Projects

Interactive Multi-Touch Table

Finished: 2011
Touch-Sensitive Interactive Table - Multi-Touch Table

This multifunctional interactive table with Multi-Touch control technology was designed to significantly increase the level of computer games` interactivity and integrate teamwork in the learning process.

The table is constructed of casing with technical equipment and glass screen, functioning as display and controller. Integrated IR camera captures every contact with screen, which is further...

Jurbarkas Area History Museum - Digital Exhibition

Finished: 2011
An interactive digital exhibition of Jurbarkas Area History Museum. The software is designed to use on Multi-Touch table and includes educational computer games on following topics:
10 educational computer games on Middle Ages
10 educational computer games on Lithuanian Manor Houses

Provided Services: Software Development (Design and Programming), Software and Hardware Configuration.

Includes Videos, Photo Gallery and Interactive Quiz.