Flash Applications

Searching for clear and precise way to present your production, brand or services? Enough talking, time for showing! Give an opportunity to explore your production or business in a virtual world - replace long and detailed descriptions with interactive Flash applications and let your potential client feel creative. Virtual design and personalization tools are just a few popular examples of interactive Flash solutions, which will significantly increase interest in your website.
We also provide professional Flash animation services.

Advertising game works well for promotional targets while interactive Flash application serves to highlight the unique features of any product or service - it provides virtual opportunity to test, feel and touch the selling goods. Flash application may also serve as a visualization of your own business, and we are willing to help you employ it.

Latest Projects

Flash Tool for Photo Processing

Finished: 2011
This Flash application for photo processing enables user or website visitor to upload a picture or a photography and design a desired image.
Includes a 3D model with real-time rendering, which is controlled by the user. Can be used for mug or cup design, frame design, mouse pad design, etc.
Client: JSC FotoPRO

Virtual Kitchen - Design Your Dream Set of Furniture!

Finished: 2011
With this interactive online tool you can easily plan and design your kitchen furniture! Adobe Flash technology and ActionScript3 programming language enable to easily integrate and apply this tool for design and other purposes.

The user can plan and build a virtual model of his or her dream kitchen by locating kitchen furniture and home appliances. The cost of furniture and its setting is calculated automatically. Users are also provided with a variety of materials to choose from. After designing a dream kitchen, the customer can immediately order the set of furniture, or print the furniture layout with order information.

Provided Services:...

Pasvalys Area Museum - Digital Exhibition

Finished: 2011

An interactive digital exhibition of Pasvalys Area Museum. The software is designed to use with Multi-Touch table.

Provided Services: Software Development (Design and Programming), Software and Hardware Configuration.

Includes Videos, Photo Gallery and Interactive Quiz.

Atvirutis.lt - Postcard Service Online

Finished: 2011
Provided Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Programming, Logo Design, Content Management System (CMS), Interactive Flash Tool Design and Programming.

Project Atvirutis.lt is a completely new online service in Lithuania with unique postcard design and editing tool. Atvirutis.lt idea is simple: the client visits the website, designs a postcard, enters a greeting text and specifies the recipient....