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Our strength lies in educational software development. We started our activities by creating educational computer games for children and successfully introduced several computer tools for Science, Math and English. With our experience not only we provide educational software development services but also we can help you execute educational projects. According to your request, we will create specific games to enhance skills and competences, staff training and personality building. We offer a wide range of educational computer games for children and people of any age and occupation.
Also: Advergames, Online games, Flash games, MultiTouch games. Online game development - See below.


Most probably anyone could talk for hours how engaging and mesmerizing is his or her favorite computer game. Sounds familiar? Exploit this computer game ability to encourage word-of-mouth phenomenon - use computer games for your brand, product or service placement!

Advance from this formula of success – we ensure the best solutions and exceptional advertising games to effectively perform awareness-raising and promotional functions.

Following your wishes and aims, we offer online or browser-based advertising games development services. A browser-based game may also complement your official website or become an entertaining advertising game.

MultiTouch Games

While the Internet is probably the most thriving environment for computer games, we also offer computer games for a variety of technical and technological devices, providing an innovative MultiTouch technology based computer game development services. MultiTouch games features high level interactivity and ultra modern user interface.

Computer game development and game programming is our strength. We offer professional game development services, advergames, Flash games, online games development. Game design, game development services, graphic design, programming.

Latest Projects

Lively Language - Games for English Beginners

Finished: 2008
English is spoken globally, and, therefore, keeping in... - A Virtual World for Children

Finished: 2009

Kosmo-2 Beta - Facebook Game

Finished: 2011

A brand new online computer game that sooner or later will be launched at Facebook.
Code Name: Kosmo-2

Beta Version Release Date: November 15th, 2011

Genre: Strictly Confidential

Beta Version at Facebook: -
Beta Version at Try here

Eco City - Multiplayer Online Strategy Game

Finished: 2011
Eco City - Multiplayer Online Strategy Game
Educational online strategy game ECO CITY is designed for young players to learn more about green energy and raise their interest in the usage of renewable energy resources.

At the beginning, each player is given a randomly generated city with a certain population. This initial city is very polluted - imagine a combination of trees without leaves, garbage on streets, wrecked buildings, dark clouds and smog in the air. All this harm was eventually caused due to the constantly working power plants, that supplied electricity for the whole city. The player is also given an initial amount of virtual money...

Private Detective - Intranet game

Finished: 2011
Private Detective - Intranet Game
Private Detective is a competition-based intranet game, designed for JSC RST (currently known as LESTO) employers. The aim of this game is to encourage the employers and increase their productivity. Each month employers the personnel compete for the main prize (bonus) and the Private Detective name. Attractive game design with simple control and navigation is easy to understand and use even for novice Internet users. - Safe Electricity

Finished: 2011 - Safe Electricity
Project was launched in order to help 5-8 grade students learn about electrical safety. Four heroes introduce necessary electricity concerning information and facts. Visit the website to discover real life situations and avoid accidents, explore interesting facts about green electricity, rational and safe use of electricity, renewable energy sources and much more! Website contents include educational games, visual aids, articles and online multiplayer strategy game Eco-City.
Learn more at 

Provided... - Recycling Is Fun

Finished: 2011

Provided Services: Website Development, Logo Design, Game Development, Website Design, Content Management System (CMS).

Following the aim to support green thinking, we have launched website The website includes free online educational games introducing waste sorting and recycling. In this way we want to express our concerns about environmental issues nowadays, and encourage children to create a safer and cleaner world.

For example, let`s take the Eco-Maze game: a piece of waste and several...

The Village of Numbers - Math Games

Finished: 2008

The Village of Numbers is a set of educational computer games for 1-4 grade students to learn Math. The Village of Numbers comes in 4 CDs, each including 11 different Math games (44 games in total). The Village of Numbers include professional sound recording and unique hand drawings as game graphics. This is our first product.

This educational Math learning tool can be used either at home or at school. Learn more at website...