JSC Educational Systems is one of the leading computer games developer in Lithuania. Our activities include educational computer games creation and development, advertising games production and web design services.

Being at the cutting edge of IT use in education and advertisement fields, we aim innovativeness, creativity and quality. We look forward to new challenges and possible obstacles to overcome. 

Founded in December 2007 JSC Educational Systems (previously known as JSC Apix Educational Systems) first focused on educational software development. Currently we specialize in educational computer tools production, advertising games creation and website design.

Educational Software
Nowadays the benefits of IT use are significant in nearly every single area. In this case education and science field is not an exception as it is widely acknowledged that information and comprehension gained while playing educational computer games is memorized easy, quickly and for a longer period of time. JSC Educational Systems is a leading educational software developme in Lithuania. Our products are widely known and used by not only the majority of schools in Lithuania but also individual clientele.

Advertising Games
Advergaming as an innovative form of advertising has already become popular among the world’s leading companies. Advertising games stimulates the key senses, i. e., vision, hearing and touch, and consequently, the player easily memorizes both the brand and the specific features of the product. Moreover, such games promote viral advertising among target audience. We offer unique advergames distinguishing for entertainment and amusement. With your request we will create attractive and involving advergames that will supplement advertising campaign and engage future clients interest.

Web Design
Web page as an official form of company representation introduces internet users with company’s services. While projecting web pages, our team of professional designers and programmers strives to create a product that imparts the concept and image of the company the best. Moreover, skillful designers will develop a unique branded style and compose an exclusive design. We ensure high quality graphics, fast navigation, easy control, clear structure and appliance on generally used Internet browsers with a view to contributing to competitiveness of the company.

Doing our best we participe in variuos public activities. JSC Educational Systems took the first place in the Young Scientists Contest 2007 organized by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and was acknowledged as the most innovative students’ company in the annual KTU regional Science Park event in 2008.

In the future we seek to expand our activities as we look forward to dealing with new challenges and offers.