Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures

~~> Care for your puppy! Make sure he eats, sleeps, stays clean, and plays like a puppy should!
~~> Everyone wants a pet puppy! With Pet a Pet you get your own virtual puppy to play with - no fuss! 
~~> Four awesome games! Race, dance, whack & skydive - Play with your cool puppies!

Meet Fuzzy, Lupo ,Rocky and Bella! Choose one fluffy puppy to keep you company and play with you anytime and bring wherever you go! With Pet-a-Pet you can choose your very own adorable little puppy to call your own!

Dress them up and pet them!
You can make your pet wear whatever you want! From bright green shoes to cool shades and hats, your pet will be the best looking one around! Earn coins, diamonds, and stars as you compete to get more and more amazing things for your puppy to wear!

Keep your pet happy! 
These puppies are adorable! But don’t forget, you need to look out for them, wash them, dress them, feed them, and clean up the mess they leave behind! Everything is laid out at the top so you know when your pet is hungry, sleepy, or needs a sponge bath! Play basketball with your pups and make them happy from the start! 

Dogs love to run! So take your virtual dog on a run, avoid the obstacles and run faster than the other pets! 

Dance Hero!
Dogs love to dance so take your instrument and play an awesome tune! The dog will dance along with you! 

Sometimes moles will get in the way! So its time to play whack a mole to and they will try to throw water balloons at your dog! So quick, pop the balloons to keep your dog dry! Sometimes they get confused and bring up their special golden coins! Tap those to get money to buy things for your dog! 

Free Fall!
Who said that dogs can’t fly? Now you can take your pup on a skydiving adventure! Guide him all the way down as he tries to collects coins to buy even more amazing clothes and accessories! Whizz through the air with your doggie and his wingsuit; now that’s wild! You can even go through rainbows in formation with other pets, and knock nasty birds out of the sky!

> Pet Gallery: Choose from all the adorable pets and adopt a lucky one! Don’t worry, you can adopt others too!
> Your pet loves tickles and cuddles! You two can roll around and play all day!
> You can go dance, race other pets, go whack moles & skydive too!
> Earn your way up to the most amazing collars and accessories for your puppies when playing the mini-games!

What`s inside:
> 4 adorable pets to choose from! 
> 4 awesome mini-games that your pet will love like dancing, racing, and mole whacking!
> Collect coins, diamonds & stars for your pet friends!
> 46 shirts for the most stylish pet around!
> 32 cute little shoes! 
> 66 stylish hats!
> 22 cool glasses!

Download now: 
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures (Gameplay)
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures (Gameplay)
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures (Gameplay)
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures - Dancing Fun
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures - Whack a Mole
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures - Running
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures
Pet a Pet - Dog Adventures